Templates FAQs

Should I assign the template to the image or to the folder?

Each image that should be annotated with tags should be assigned the respective template. However, assigning the template to the parent folder can simplify this. Each image created in a folder automatically receives the template selected for the folder.
However, ultimately, it is the template assigned to the image that counts. The template assigned to the folder has no effect during export.

When selecting the template, I see the same name twice. Once with a "(from settings)" suffix and once with "(local copy)". Why?

The template configuration, including all tags and the table layout is stored in each image itself. This lets you simply transfer the images to another user and he can still edit the image and export the data tables even if he does not have the corresponding template definition on his device. When you annotated some images with a template and further on change that template in the settings, it is not clear, which version you want to use for the image. By default, it will be the "(local copy)" in the image, but when you select "(from settings)", the template is replaced with the current version from your settings.
Note: when you change the template of a folder to the current settings version, all local templates in the images in this folder are automatically also replaced with the template from the settings.

How can I delete a tag, a table column, or a whole template?

Drag the list entry to the right. A trashcan icon will appear that lets you delete this entry.

I try to export with a data table, but the template does not appear in the table selector?

Make sure that you also defined a table layout in your template and that it contains at least one column.