• Take photos
  • Enter measures and notes
  • Export tables with measurements
  • Share and archive

What is ImageMeter

ImageMeter helps you annotate your photos with measures and notes. No more strange sketches that nobody understands. Put the measures right into your photos where they belong.

Who is it made for

Our customers are contractors, real-estate managers, carpenters, kitchen and interior designers, sign manufacturers, insurance estimators, ...

In fact, we know from our customers that there are far more applications of ImageMeter than we ever dreamed of.

Easily enter your measures

Use a Bluetooth distance meter
ImageMeter supports a very large number of laser distance meters (see the full list).
Compute it with a reference object
For example, a paper frame of known size is used as reference object. ImageMeter then calculates the stone's side lengths and area.
Enter them manually
ImageMeter supports any unit you will need and simplifies value entry with auto-completion and validation.

Take a quick tour

Awesome Features

Rich Set of Tools

Measure lengths, area, angles, circles, rectangles. Add text notes, freehand drawing, audio notes and detail images.

Change the style options: dotted and dashed lines, change line widths, font sizes, arrow caps and more.

Automatic Measurement

Calibrate your photos with a flexible selection of reference tools and then measure directly in the image. There are simple reference scales for 2D images like maps or floor-plans, perspective references when you need to measure in 3D space, or line-measuring tool, when you only need to measure a single object height or a distance.


ImageMeter supports nearly all existing Bluetooth enabled laser-distance meters. When supported by the device, ImageMeter can remotely trigger the device, it can receive angle and area measurements, and it can use the units set on the device.

Flexible Export

Export images as JPEG or PNG. Export whole folders as PDFs or ZIPs. You can also export images and folders in editable format.

Table export

You can collect your measurements in data tables. Define your own table layout to automatically generate parts lists, measurement protocols, or show the calculation of e.g. wall areas. Include these tables in the PDF output or open them in your spreadsheet program.

Cloud synchronization

Automatically upload your images to a cloud storage provider of your choice to access the measurements from your office PC. Share your images with colleagues and collaboratively edit them.

PDF import

Import plans and drawing directly from your PDF files. ImageMeter calibrates to the physical dimensions on the PDF pages after entering the scaling factor, your can immediately measure on the drawings.

Image processing

Change the brightess, contrast, and color saturation of your images to improve the readability of the measurements or to correct over- or under-exposed images.

High-quality graphics

ImageMeter not only supports you in measuring, it also provides excellent graphics quality to make your documents look professional. Configure the graphics style to your preferences.


Free Evaluation

$ 0.00

  • Watermarks
  • 5 measures per image
  • Bluetooth up to 3m
  • Basic measurement tools


$ 5.49 once
Please check on GooglePlay for the price in your local currency.
  • No watermarks
  • Unlimited measures
  • Subfolders
  • Circles, rectangles, measurement points


$ 8.49 once
Please check on GooglePlay for the price in your local currency.
  • Everything from Basic
  • Unlimited Bluetooth
  • PDF import
  • Audio notes
  • Counting tool
  • Detail pictures
  • Perspective length measurement
  • Custom color palette


$ 2.99 /month
First month free.
Please check on GooglePlay for the price in your local currency.
  • Everything from Pro
  • Sync images between devices
  • Sync your images to your cloud storage, access them from your desktop PC
  • Export measurements to data tables (CSV or PDF)