Free trial

You can start by downloading the software and trying it for free. After the free trial period of 14 days, you can continue using the software by entering a license key.

Options and Prices

If your country is not listed here, you can find the final prices during checkout.


Desktop: once
Android: once
Per device.
Pay once, use forever.*
One year of updates included.
  • Connect to Bluetooth lasers
  • PDF import
  • Audio notes
  • Detail images (PIP)
  • All drawing and measurement tools
  • Counting tool
Good choice if you use this only for yourself and you don't exchange data with other devices.


Desktop: /month
Desktop: /year
Android: /month
Android: /year
Per device.
Annual billing (save one month)
Monthy billing currently unavailable.
  • Includes everything from Pro
  • Sync images between devices
  • Sync images to your cloud storage
  • Export measurements to data tables
  • Your company logo on the images
  • Always the latest version
For groups or people that work with several devices or need the advanced functions.

Secure payment via FastSpring. You will also receive the invoice from them and can manage your purchases and subscriptions through them.

The desktop licenses are valid for Windows PCs and Linux.

If you just need a personal license for Android, you can also get this through the PlayStore as an in-app purchase.

Volume Discounts

Device licenses are eligible for volume discounts. The discount will be automatically deducted during the checkout process.

Devices Discount
2 or more 10%
5 or more 15%
10 or more 20%
20 or more 25%

Download and Installation

After checkout, you will receive a license key that can be entered into the software to activate the license on the chosen number of device. If you replace one of your devices, you can transfer the license to the new device.

If you would like to have a separate license key for each device license, please contact the support.

FAQs *

Can I move a license to another computer?

Yes. When you try to activate the license key on a computer, but the maximum number of devices is exceeded, you will be presented with a list of currently activated devices. You can revoke the license from a device to release the license for the new device. You can do this three times within three months.

Can I change the number of Business licenses later?

Yes. You can always increase or decrease the number of licenses. If you want to add more licenses to your key, do not buy additional licenses from this page because this will generate a new key. Instead, change the number of licenses in your FastSpring account.

How long is the Pro license valid?

The perpetual Pro license my be used for an unlimited time. You may also use updated versions released up to one year after the purchase.
If it is not possible to activate the licenses for technical reasons and no alternative access can be organized, we will reimburse 20% of the price paid (excl. tax) for each year that the software license was not functional until the end of the fifth year after purchase.

How can I cancel my subscription or get a refund?

You can cancel your subscription at any time in your FastSpring account.
If you would like to get a refund for your order, contact either the FastSpring or the ImageMeter support. Please don't forget to include your order id.

I have lost my license key. How can I get it back?

Log in to your FastSpring account. There you can find your previous orders and the license keys.

What is the difference of buying Android device licenses here and through the PlayStore?

PlayStore licenses are bound to your Google account. You can use them on all devices that run with this account, but you cannot transfer the license to a different Google account. You get updates automatically through the PlayStore app.

Device licenses bought on this webpage are valid for one device each. They can be transferred to new devices and they are independent from any accounts.
You can download the APK from this website and you can also install it using a mobile device management software. This gives you more control on which version you run in your company and when you want to update.