Supported Bluetooth Devices

The following table shows which laser distance meters are supported by ImageMeter and which functions can be used. Devices using Bluetooth LE (see column Bluetooth Standard) will require at least Android 4.3 to work.

Transmission of selected unit

Some devices transmit the unit that is selected on the device, some only transmit the distance without specifying the displayed unit. Which of the devices also transmit the unit is indicated in the column Transmits Unit. When the device does not transmit the displayed unit, the default unit set in ImageMeter will be used.

Your device is not listed?

If your device is not listed yet, please try to manually set the Bluetooth protocol in ImageMeter. Maybe it will be compatible to one of the implemented protocols despite not being detected automatically. Please also send me an email about this new device. I will try to add support for it.




Automatic Detection

Bluetooth Standard

Transmits Unit

Transmitted Values


ADACosmo 120yesyesLEyeslength, (angle)*1
ADACosmo 150yes?LE??
BoschPLR 30cyesyesclassicnolength, area, angle
BoschPLR 40cyesyesclassicnolength, area, angle
BoschPLR 50cyesyesclassicnolength, area, angle
BoschGLM 50cyesyesclassicnolength, area, angle
BoschGLM 100cyesyesclassicnolength, area, angle
BoschGLM 120cyesnoLEnolength, area*4
BoschGLM 400cyes?LEnolength, ?*4
CEMiLDM-150yesyesclassicyeslength, area, angle
eMeasureeTape16 BTyesyesLEyeslength*2
HiltiPD-IyesyesLEyeslength, area
LaserlinerDistanceMasteryesyesLEyeslength, area, angle
LeicaD110yesyesLEyeslength, area
LeicaD510yesyesLEyeslength, area, angle
LeicaD810yesyesLEyeslength, area, angle*3
LeicaS910yesyesLEyeslength, area, angle*3
LeicaE7500iyes?LEyeslength, area, angle
LeicaD2yesyesLEyeslength, ?
LeicaD3a BTyesyesclassicyeslength, area, angle
LeicaD8 yesyesclassicyeslength, area, angle
LeicaA5 yesyesclassicyeslength, area, angle
LeicaDisto Plusyesnoclassicyeslength, area, angle
LeicaX4yesyesLEyeslength, area
LTITruPulse 200yesyesclassicyeslength, angle
LTITruPulse 360yesyesclassicyeslength, angle
MileseeyRock K3nono---
RidgitLM400unknownnoclassicyeslength, area, angle*5
SolaVector 100 ProyesyesLEyeslength*4
StabilaLD250yesyesLEyeslength, area, angle
StabilaLD520yesyesLEyeslength, area, angle
ToolcraftLDM-70BTyesyesclassicyeslength, area, angle
WürthWDM 3-19yesyesLEyeslength, area
WürthWDM 8-14yesyesLEyeslength, area

*1: Because of a bug in the device's protocol, ImageMeter cannot read the fractional part when the device is sending values with fractional inches. Angle measurements are not yet implemented in ImageMeter.
*2: Digital tape measure.
*3: This device has the option to send the measurements in different modes. You have to set your device to Unencrypted App Mode. Encrypted transmission is not supported by ImageMeter.
*4: Please set the Bluetooth protocol manually in the ImageMeter settings, as it cannot be automatically detected.
*5: Might work when you set the protocol manually to CEM ILDM-150. Please contact me when you have this device.
*6: Angle measuring device.
*7: Note that several variants of the SW-S100 exist. Only some devices have Bluetooth support.

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